Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Golden Pension House

Golden Pension House is located around 500 meters away SM City Mall.  It is a few minutes ride to Pueblo de Oro Golf Course.  Local transportation can be challenging especially in the evening since the area is a bit isolated from the main road (Fr. Masterson Street).

Address : Golden Glow North, Pedro Oloy Roa Avenue
Telephone No.  (88) 851-6833
Payment : Cash Basis

Room Rates (as of August 2013)

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Matrimonial - P 700

Twin - P 750

Amenities and Services

Airconditioned Rooms
Cable TV
Hot and Cold Shower
WiFi Access

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The Glamarazzi said...


Had a guest who came in the city late from the airport at 9pm and needs to be close to where we live in Pueblo. No 12-hr rate - no worries. Paid P600 for overnight and was assigned to room at the top floor (3rd) closest to the stairs.

Inside: Wooden bed frame, wooden side table, old box-type TV with cable , clean bathroom, extra door that goes out to a tiny balcony overlooking grassland and a HUGE tree.

Minutes later guest heard knocking and opened the door. No one was outside. More knocks again. Still no one. Guest waited by the door and was ready to open it should knocks come again and when 1st knock started, guest immediately opened the door hoping to catch someone.


Guest freaked out and went downstairs, asked receptionist if there was someone else in the building. Guy at front desk said no. CCTV didn't show anyone either.

Guest asked guard if the place was haunted - guard replied without blinking, "OO, sir. Naa man gud dako na kahoy sa gawas. Naay dili ingon-nato diha."(Yup. It's because of that huge tree outside, sir. Someone not human must be living there.)"

Obviously too spooked to sleep, guest asked if hotel can cancel his reservation and refund his money - he BARELY used anything in the room and was hardly inside it for more than 20minutes.

Golden Pension refused cancellation and guest was forced to suck it in. I was appalled and asked them nicely because no one in his right mind can surely sleep soundly with that thought looming in his head. They didn't budge. I told them I will be writing about this and here it goes.

If anyone can attest also to some eerie stories in this place, then we are not alone.

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