Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GV Hotel

GV Hotel is adjacent to Capitol University.  It is a walking distance to Gaisano Mall and Centrio Mall.

Address : Corrales Extension
Telephone No. (88) 323-1547
Payment : Cash Basis

Room Rates (as of August 2013)

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1 person - P 450
2 persons - P 620
3 persons - P 795
4 persons - P 1,050

1 person - P 475
2 persons - P 700
2 persons (with ref) - P 925

4 persons - P 1,200

Budget - P 575

Amenities and Services

Airconditioned Rooms
Cable TV
Hot and Cold Shower (Deluxe only)
WiFi Access


Mr.COOL said...

Good Place to stay,If you will take board exam. Near Capitol University..I stay here for 2 Nights..

rjm said...

do you have any mobile numbers of Gv hotel?please post it here.Thanks.rj

CDO Guide said...

They do not have a mobile number.

hannahbaker560 said...

I got this blog site through my friends and when I searched this really there were informative articles at the place. book my hotel

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